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10 Jul '18


Posted by SELFI

Launched in 2016, Project Dyad is a Cape Town-based studio specializing in the design and manufacture of contemporary leather accessories.

Inspired by the dualities that define all creative processes, “Project Dyad” explores and experiments with the unfamiliar, constantly evolving and refining its original concept with timeless style.

Fusing meticulous attention to detail with functional design and innovative construction techniques, Project Dyad merges beautiful contrasts and complementary opposites to form a dynamic, yet harmonious balance through the union of different parts. Focusing on an experimental, process-based approach, all Project Dyad creations are handmade in-house from top quality, locally sourced leathers and materials, and it is this custom-craft approach that allows us to develop work that we truly care about and manufacture in a socially responsible way.The range offers a varied selection of aesthetic solutions for both work and social occasions.

Playing off the dualities of line, colour and texture, each piece is designed to accompany the wearer as either a statement piece or be worn with subtle sophistication for a more understated look and feel, but regardless of how one chooses to wear them, all Dyad creations are guaranteed to grow more beautiful with time.

Find Dyad handbags at SELFI, Shop 3, 199 Loop Street , Cape Town or visit www.projectdyad.com

21 Mar '18


Posted by SELFI

Founded by skin enthusiast Ashleigh-Jane Denton, Deity Skin incorporates organic essential oils, gemstones and herbs to create small-batch quantities of healing beauty products, inspired by age-old herbal remedies and ancient beauty rituals passed down from generation to generation. They give rise to the practice of self-care as a daily beauty routine and motivates clean living.
We honour the plants used in our products by choosing them for their healing benefits only and by using them in their most pure form. By focusing on the healing and aromatherapeutic properties that they offer, we have successfully created an innovatively simple and natural alternative to commercialised skincare that's as good for your skin as it is safe for our environment.

For more info visit www.deityskin.co.za



21 Mar '18


Posted by SELFI
Wass has been inspired by the seasons, Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring. Enhancing your skin and mind’s natural state with the purity of natural essential oils and staying grounded in the present through hectic and rushed days.
The skin requires different elements and care to breathe and heal for radiance and purity. Wass supports these elements with nourishing oil formulations and plant-based scents to stay present within modern, fast-paced environments where taking time and care of yourself has become rushed.
Find their products at our store at shop 3, 199 Loop street , Cape Town. For more info visit www.wassskin.com 
16 Mar '18


Posted by SELFI

Dayfeels is the creative sobriquet of South African artist and photographer, Amor Coetzee. The inspiration for her work stems from a deep appreciation for the landscape, the ocean and the properties of water. Amor is very drawn to a clean and muted aesthetic and work through a process of elimination, starting out with a lot of detail and removing bit by bit until only the very essence remains. Her work tries to communicate a sense of calm, as subtle as susurrus. Dayfeels Illustrations are based on aphorisms- a metaphorical phrase which embodies a feeling, these phrases are used to create simple line drawings. 

An extension of her artworks, the ceramic side of Dayfeels, lets her experiment more with texture, contrast, abstract shapes and patterns to create hand-made, one of a kind earthernware pieces. 

 Find their products at our store at shop 3, 199 Loop street , Cape Town. For more info visit www.dayfeels.co.za

15 Mar '18


Posted by SELFI

Githan Coopoo is a creative from Cape Town who makes simplistic, sculpted  jewellery items by hand. His abstract pieces have beautiful organic shapes and are crafted out of unexpected and innovative materials like clay. Coopoo is steadily increasing his jewellery line’s impact through fashion and is 
constantly inspired by different things such as volume, India, what we consider to be opulent and how that changes as well as queer culture.
He works exclusively with clay in making ceramic jewellery. As a medium, he feels that it is deeply universal and a commonplace. He believes that there is a  paradox that exists with elevating an everyday or seemingly mundane material into something quite precious and rich. The ceramics are fragile and delicate, more so than metals or traditional minerals which he feels inhances its beauty. He believes that conventional jewellery is prized and considered precious because of the worth and value of the materials used, whereas his jewellery is also precious – not for its monetary value, but because it is delicate, and must be cared for. 

Find their products at our store at shop 3, 199 Loop street , Cape Town.