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25 Apr '22


Posted by SELFI

LIANCA - Lianca Heemro wears our Clay Pot Pencil Dress cut from 100% cotton styled by David Terrence and photographed by Jeremy Pelser.

14 Mar '22


Posted by SELFI

"To me RETURN TO WOMANHOOD means making space for oneself ! As women, we often measure our value by how much we can give. We give ourselves to be mothers, daughters, wives and friends. You can find yourself existing as an accessory to someone else. Returning to Womanhood is loving yourself as you are and not by what you can give." 

~ Candace Redlinghus

14 Mar '22


Posted by SELFI

"RETURN TO WOMANHOOD for me is to realise your worth and value as a woman. It is to look into yourself as an individual and what you think of yourself and how you value yourself and actively work on uplifting those thoughts and becoming a better version of YOU. 

What I do to believe in myself is really to focus on my strengths and to only speak with positivity to myself and to others when I do speak about myself. This way, I regain a mindset that makes me believe that I can really achieve anything and therefore I should just go for it."

~ Zintle Sigila

14 Mar '22


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“I was in a relationship with my ex for four years before coming to St Anne’s . Everything changed when he started becoming controlling, telling me what to wear, what time I should come home, I had to report on everything. When he started physically abusing me, I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. I was confusing abuse for love. I didn’t have the guts to share it with other people, I was ashamed.

Returning to womanhood to me means returning to loving and accepting yourself. It means telling yourself that despite what you’ve been through, you are beautiful ! It means accepting your emotions and doing what ever you can to heal.” 

~ Zandi Mbetshu

01 Mar '22


Posted by SELFI

Return To Womanhood is a collection which celebrates women in South Africa who have been victims of abuse. The collection motivates women to return to their inner safety and beauty.

The campaign includes two inspirational women from St Anne’s, a safe house in Woodstock, Cape Town. Syd West and Zandi Mbetshu. They share their story on how they regained their inner strength and reclaimed their self worth.  

For more info on how to help abused women and children please contact St Anne's (021) 448-6792

Syd West from St Anne's Home  

“Before coming to St Anne’s, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for 13 years. After leaving my husband I found myself destitute and living on the street. It’s very hard for me to talk about what happened, I suppose we hear things like this everyday. When I found myself in the shoes of being raped and contracting HIV, I decided I had to be strong for my daughter and not give up. 

To me a Return To Womanhood means renaissance, a rebirth.  It’s been a journey where I’ve transitioned from this person who had low self esteem, to this woman who is optimistic and in love with life. I’m just grateful to have this opportunity to start over again” ~ Syd West  

Photographer : Gemma Shepard

Hair & make up : Justine Norms

Hair & Make Up : Robyn Newman

Model : Zintle , Andiswa, Candace, Zandi, Syd

Agency : 20 Modelmanagment

Safe House : St Anne's Home 

Shoes : Adidas

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