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St Anne's Homes

St. Anne’s Homes is a non-government organisation based in Woodstock, Cape Town. They offer their services to abused, destitute and pregnant mothers and their young children throughout South Africa. 

How we help :

At the end of each season we donate all our mock up garments and samples to the women and young girls. We also donate fabrics to their sewing centre where they are taught to make patterns and sew.


Emmanuel Child & Youth Care Centre

Emmanuel Child & Youth Care Centre (ECYCC) is a registered NPO (non-profit organisation) in South Africa. They provide care and safe refuge for children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned and orphaned. They are based in the town of Middelburg (Eastern Cape, South Africa) and Atlantis , Western Cape.

How we help :

All our waste fabrics are donated annually to the centre where the children repurpose the materials by making fabric dolls, blankets, matts and other items they then sell to create funding for the home.