SAN BODY SS2023 is a collection that is inspired by the San women of Southern Africa. The San (pronounced Saan), are members of various indigenous hunter gatherer cultures that are the first cultures of Southern Africa.

San Body takes us on a journey where we celebrate the beauty, integrity, and the way of living of the San people. The colours through out the collection draws inspiration form the herbs and environment of the San, ranging from buchu, turmeric, ivory tusk, mud brown to ox blood.

Oval shapes which represent the body’s of the San women are incorporated through out the collection. You can see this existing in the sleeves and continues in the knitted dresses which has the rock painting inspired outline of a San woman.

The textures and fabric range from a fine pucker weave , cotton twirl, rayon linen and acrylic wool. Our look book set is adorned with ceramics from Han Ceramics based in Cape Town South Africa, which pays homage to the clay pots the San used to cook with. The branches used in the back drop is inspired by the Huts lived in by the indigenous tribe.


Model 1 : Zintle Sigila, Model 2 : Cinara , Photographer : Gemma Shepard, Grooming : Nicola Loots, Assistant : Pamela Mlonyeni



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