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11 Feb '18


Posted by SELFI
Lorne jewellery is designed by Cape Town based jeweller Gillian Lawrence.  All the pieces are designed and made by hand using sterling silver and brass. All Lorne jewellery are organic in form often referenceing  faces or the human body. 
Find their products at our store at shop 3, 199 Loop street , Cape Town. For more info visit www.gillianlawrence.com 

06 Feb '18


Posted by SELFI
Yellow is a jewellery design studio founded by Jessica Lea. Her studio is based in Cape Town where all the creations are designed with heart and made carefully by hand using sterling silver and brass. All the creations at Yellow hold a similar minimal aesthetic. At the heart of the brand, Jessica’s vision is to create jewellery that people want to wear.
Combining minimalism with a youthful edge, it is inspired by everything from David Bowie’s stardust to Finn Andrews’s ease. Yellow prides itself on its unique approach to jewellery making. Combining distinctive motifs and concepts with classic craftsmanship alongside more contemporary designs. The result is a carefully considered, alluring combination of rock ‘n’ roll, minimalistic chic and playful shapes. It’s where stylish pieces interact with mature artistry and classic form. All the pieces are made in the same vein of love, often overlapping and crossing genres to redefine whats typically considered beautiful. The essence of Yellow is to create pieces of art that are not only wearable but that are progressive and timeless and that make people feel good.
Find their products at shop 3 ,199 Loop street , Cape Town. For more info go to www.yellowjewellery.com