SELFI’s “Devine Femme” collection was showcased at SA Fashion Week in Johannesburg 4 April 2019 . The collection explores the balance between the feminine and masculine energy within the self. The Divine Feminine is beyond gender. It is the ultimate compassion, and purest of innocence. It is nurturing, soft, forgiving, non-judgmental, procreative, intuitive, sensitive. It is the birth of all that is.

Our female silhouettes embodies materials that are more decedent and softer such as silk and linen, whereas our male silhouettes we used materials that are stronger and more rigid like bull denim. All items are made from 100% natural fabrics , from raw silk to bull denim to Shepard skin and is therefore biodegradable.

Shoes by : Adidas South Africa

Accessories : Yellow Jewellery and Project Dyad

BTS Photographer : TK Mogotsi



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