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19 Jun '17


Posted by SELFI

We recently shot our AW17 collection UNIFORM. Inspired by the idea of creating an everyday uniform and motivated by the notion of spending less time figuring out what to wear every morning. There's something to be said about having less choice , in todays life where we are so spoilt for choice, it can be overwhelming. Its said that most influential people like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs wore the same outfit everyday because of …"Decision fatigue" -- being mentally worn out by making menial choices -- is a real phenomenon. Its said that some famous figures have chosen to wear similar clothes each day to reduce the decisions they have to make in the morning, enabling them to get on with the real work.

We focused on the idea to create staples that can easily adapt to your lifestyle, may it be going to meetings, or dinner with friends. We wanted to capture an essence of easy living , simplicity and going back to a more natural way of living and being.

Fabrics used through out the collection are cotton, cotton spandex , wool, bull denim and rayon linen. All silhouttes are related and oversized.






Photographer | Katinka Bester | Art Direction | Hair & Make up | Never Scello | Model | Katya Abedien | Model | Raquel